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BIO EDGE LTD is proud to market and offer products/services for professionals and individuals.






First, regarding agriculture, we provide everything you need to grow plants. From hydroponic and aeroponic systems to organic plant nutrients and also a large choice of organic supplements providing incredible results from  your crops with world known General Hydroponics Europe (GHE)

Whether you are an expert grower,amateur or a beginner, expect nothing but the best from General Hydroponics.




Secondly, we offer indoor decontamination and disinfestation with BIO certified products from Oxy'pharm. French pioneer in this domain, Oxy'pharm created a new-generation of aerial treatment with powerful and compact machines. In this non-wetting fog, the microscopic particle size ensures a slow and perfectly uniform sedimentation on every square centimetre of exposed surfaces within the premises under treatment, leaving no humidity.

Protecting your building or your house is now quick, safe and trouble free. 





Lastly, we also market a unique and very useful product called "Bluetoo". An Eco-friendly and very effective all-in-one biodegradable concentrated sanitizer from France. Created first to fight nosocomial diseases, Bluetoo is perfect for all surfaces. This product is environement friendly, 99.99 % degradable! It as a unique visual marker in the solution that makes sure your surface is clean from bacterias and germs before wiping out.


Through our activity, we are offering a better choice of products and services to everyone who wants to make the difference for them, the country and for our planet.


Our strategy is simple. Propose solutions for primary needs which gives you a quality and comfortful life, while respecting the environment. 

Environment & Sustainability

 Thanks to the objective of some companies around the world and for the developpment of their technologies, it is now possible to propose products and services that will change and simplify our daily activities in various fields of activities. Bio Edge ltd is using these techonologies to offer different solutions for the best  possible environment.

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